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Officer Publication / July 2021

Features: Damascus Gear Custom UV Print Riot Shields.

Officer Publication / June 2021

Features: Damascus Gear “ATX” Advanced Tactical Gloves, Riot Shields, DFX2 Full Body Protection, and Riot Control Helmet.

Officer Publication / May 2021

Features: Damascus Gear DH1 Riot Control Helmet.

Officer Publication / April 2021

Features: Damascus Gear Riot Control Batons

Officer Publication / March 2021

Features: Damascus Gear Mission Assault™ Bags.

Officer Publication / January 2021

Features: Damascus Gear Riot Control Shields.

Corrections Forum / May/June 2021

Features: Damascus DFX2 Full Body Protection Kit

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PX6 Tactical Riot Suit

August 2021

June 2021

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